Worst Person in the World – Man Fires Veteran for Being “Disabled Veteran”

Jonathan Moreno earns the title of “Worst Person in the World” today – and why do we bestow such an honor on this lucky individual? Moreno it seems, is being sued by a former employee at the New Life Fitness World gym in Lexington after he was fired by Moreno for being a Disabled Veteran.

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Jonathan Moreno

A photo of Jonathan Moreno, who signed “Disabled Veteran” on the termition form firing disabled former Marine Jonathan Brown. (image property of http://www.wistv.com/story/19881174/lawsuit-claims-former-marine-fired-for-being-disabled-veteran)

The former employee, Jonathan Brown, was a Marine that suffered wounds in service to our nation, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, that left him with a disability to his vision. The disability required him to go to the VA for treatment. It seems that Moreno felt that his needing to attend medical appointments just wasn’t working out, despite Brown making up the time he was missing, and fired him stating his being a disabled veteran as the reason.

To make matters worse, Brown has recently had to put his home up for sale as a result of his sudden loss of employment.

Jonathan Brown's Home Listed For Sale

Brown’s home was recently listed for sale after losing his job and being unable to gain new employment. (image property of http://www.wistv.com/story/19881174/lawsuit-claims-former-marine-fired-for-being-disabled-veteran)

Never before have I seen such a blatant assault against a veteran by someone who has done nothing but reap the freedom that veterans have paid for in blood. This disrespectful little shit really makes my blood boil.

The owner of New Life Fitness claims that the reason for Brown’s firing is something other than what Moreno wrote, and apparently they are refuting that.

Refute this:

The reason for being fired clearly states “Disabled Veteran”.

You can read more about this story from here:

Stolen Valor released a piece as well, you can check that out here:

***UPDATE 10/24/2012***
Since posting this story, I have been tracking who has been following our page and noticed that a thread about this article was posted on Arf.com – I must say, I am a bit miffed that a page of self-proclaimed patriots and “conservatives” who are staunchly pro-Constitution are so quick to shoot down a protection given to defenders of that constitution.

Maybe it is just me – but I am not about to create an acount just for the sole purpose of expressing why I think they are being callous and slightly unpatriotic in their thinking. I will just say this here, true, it is his business but without the sacrifices paid by veterans like Brown, he wouldn’t have that business. The only “tough shit” is to those that don’t feel like doing the honorable thing.

You can view the post here:

Also, Guardian of Valor / Stolen Valor has updated some information about the court case on their site at the above link.