Women in the Infantry?

Note that this story isn’t filed under “parody” nor does it feature the blue banner alerting you to it not being true. Secretary of Defense Panetta’s announcement today signals that this headline will soon become reality in the infantry brotherhood.

At this point, whether you support the idea or hate it with every fiber of your being it is moot. The powers that be have seem to have had this in their sights for sometime and it looks as though it may happen.

Before people freak-out; understand that in no way was the announcement that, “women will now be in the infantry!” What is being reported is that women will be allowed to serve in combat roles and POTENTIALLY, I stress the potentially part, be allowed access to military specialties currently for men only.

For combat specialties such as Infantry and the special forces, Panetta ordered an “assessment”. While all branches are to report by May 15, 2013 with an implementation plan, there wasn’t any word if that would have to include the fore-mentioned specialties.

What does all of this mean? Well, I would prepare for it becoming a reality. If that does happen I am sure a few things will happen – there will be bad ramifications, but our leaders are banking on the good outweighing the bad. We all know what the immediate affect will be. We all know the fears we have regarding this, mainly the affect on unit cohesion, combat effectiveness, being able to rely on your squad-mates to pull your ass out of trouble etc. We all know.

I would not get too worked-up over it quite yet – there will be a service review and I am sure that our leaders will conduct trials. If it is bad, hopefully saner minds will prevail and it won’t happen.

I am reminded of the old adage – to the needs of the Army. It doesn’t mean you have to like it, approve of it, or be totally thrilled about it. It does mean that you are a soldier and if the Army tells you how it is going to be you need to deal with it and do so at the best of your ability. We are professionals for a reason.

We, of course don’t speak for everyone and these are just our thoughts. Ultimately, our duty is to our mission and our fellow soldiers – just remember that.

What are your thoughts?