What can YOU do? – MDTS Offers Advice on 2nd Amendment Action

With so many wanting to show support for the 2nd Amendment, most are left wondering, “what can I do?” Our friend Chris over at MDTS Training in upstate NY has compiled a resource guide for just that. Below is the message from Chris about what YOU can do.

As many of you are probably aware we are facing new legislation regarding our second amendment rights at both state and national levels. Over the past few weeks I have received numerous email inquiries about what WE can do to stop this new round of laws, bans and possible confiscations from happening and our rights from being trampled upon. Here are some suggestions and the actions that I have taken:

First, whether you want to or not, whether you believe they do a good job or not, it is time to JOIN:

1)   The National Rifle Association – follow this link and get a $25 Bass pro shop gift card when you join and join at a discounted price.

2)  New York State Rifle & Pistol Association – NYSRPA is the oldest pro-2A group in the US and more importantly they are the only group working tirelessly every day to protect our rights here in NYS.

3) Gun Owners of America

4) Second Amendment Foundation

These organizations represent our front line of political defense. Each has done and is doing more than any of us individually can do to counter this threat. Please join now.

Second, If you haven’t seen what is coming up before the NY Senate and what is soon to come before the US House, take a look:


Proposed NYS Assault “Weapon” Legislation

Summary of proposed 2013 AWB


I urge all who care about your rights, not just your 2nd amendment

Rights, but ALL of your rights, to email, mail and call your representatives now. If they succeed in disarming law abiding Americans then they can do whatever they want to us. Be a student of history and look back and see how THAT has worked out for citizens of other countries across the world. If you believe for one moment that we, as Americans, are too “advanced” or “educated” for that to happen here then you are as naive as you are pompous. Here is an excellent article written by former MSG Paul Howe regarding this issue and how things have turned out for other countries who have gone this route: 2nd Amendment And The Kool-Aid Drinkers


For those who will take the time to take action on this, some talking points:

– No to a new AWB or other gun control measures

– No to registration of long guns or semi-autos

– No to further magazine restrictions

– Ask that that they continue to back law abiding gun owners and not let such bills see the light of day


New York State:

NYS Senate List

 Once you have selected your senator, a Contact form will load that you can then fill out and submit.

 NYS Assembly 

 A link will be provided for your assembly member


State Leaders

Dean Skelos

Tom Libous



House of Representatives

Select your representative and contact

Rep. Richard Hanna Contact Page


U.S. Senate

Select your representative and contact

Sen. Charles Schumer Contact Page

Select Judiciary from drop down and Gun Control will show in the Issues

Sen Kristin Gillibrand


Couple tips for contacting your representatives: 

-Please, take the time to write your own letter in your own words

-Email is better than nothing but if possible send a letter with your address on it

-If you email, put something in the subject line since some email spam programs will filter them if you dont have a subject

-Contact YOUR rep not someone from another district unless they are a commitee or assembly leader

-Be respectful

Third, PLEASE educate yourself about these issues prior to going onto an internet forum or website and commenting. The only way we can counter this threat is by debating this issue with credibility. If you want people to take your argument seriously then forgo the hyperbole and chest puffing theatrics and offer facts. Select a number of sound talking points and stick to them.

Some resources for you to consider:
An opinion on gun control

A World Without Guns

Hate Speech and The Better Argument

High Capacity Freedom

Gun Control Tramples On the Certain Virtues of A Heavily Armed Society

Make no mistake, this is serious business and the anti-gun movement is JUST as fired up about this issue as we are. It is time to take action like never before. Take action now or do not dare to complain when the second amendment is eradicated and shortly thereafter the remainder of the Bill of Rights . The second amendment is what protects all the others.

Thank you,


US-Infantry thanks Chris for taking the time to complie this resource of information.
You can follow MDTS Training on their facebook page located here.

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