Welcome our new contributor

In an effort to help bring the readers of this site more content the decision has been made to bring on additional contributors. While not an Infantryman, “Red Leg” has an impressive resume and portfolio under his belt and will bring value to this site with his knack for historical writing. So without further adieu, here is Red Leg’s introduction and first of hopefully many posts.


Good morning gentlemen. First and foremost I would like to say thank you for the privilege of getting to write for the U.S Infantry website. I look forward to getting to know and spend some time talking and discussing the reasons why America is the greatest nation earth and the ways we have been kicking ass since 1776.  My goal is to talk about current events and in addition to telling the story of our great nation and the stories of our men and women in uniform.

A little bit about me (bring on the judgment), I originally wanted to be an Officer in the Army ROTC program my freshman year of college.  Halfway through my first semester I decided to enlist in the Minnesota National Guard so I could go to basic Training and get as much hands on experience as possible. I wanted to understand and go through some of the things my soldiers went through so I could relate and be a better leader. After completing basic training I came back to cadet land and quickly learned that the officer world wasn’t for me and decided to stay enlisted. That next summer I went to AIT at Fort Sill Oklahoma and earned the precious title of being a 13F or “Fister”. I transferred colleges and got reassigned to the Missouri National guard where I am currently serving in an infantry unit.

I recently earned my Bachelor’s degree in military history and is one of my passions in life. I’m also a writer for “On Point” military magazine through the Army Historical foundation. I have done articles on different military technology and running a column on the history of our various military posts and the local on post museums. I am happily married in the Kansas City Missouri area working with the less fortunate and trying to help rebuild their lives.  If their is a certain subject you are interested in or want to know more notify myself or the page and I will see to it that I cover it.

Red Leg out.