Veterans Care Package Mission – Korean War Veteran Needs Your Help

This is our third veteran in our Veterans Care Package Mission – he is a Korean War veteran and recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. This veteran has many needs and few who help him.

To say that this veteran is “getting by” would be a stretch. Our veteran manages to live off a meager budget of $965 that he receives through Social Security and his Union pension.

While he manages to get by with this amount he isn’t able to afford the things that life throws at him – most recently he has had automobile problems which left him with $20 to spend for the month. This veteran literally lives off of $100 after his bills are paid each month.

In addition, recent changes in his state’s health care laws made it impossible for him to pay for his monthly medications that he requires for his ailing health. Some of his past health problems include several heart attacks, lung cancer (requiring the removal of one lung) and prostate cancer.

This veteran lives alone in low-income housing without any family support – he has two sons, one lives on the East Coast and offers no help, his other son has his own health problems and a family which doesn’t afford him the ability to help.

Our veteran is a proud man that has resisted help from those at his local VFW – even as far as to refuse free drinks on the principal that he wouldn’t be able to return the favor.

The person who nominated this veteran is confident that our veteran will accept our donation because it is coming from us – his brothers – and it will mean something more than an act of charity.

This is not how a man who fought for this country is supposed to live out his last days – it actually upsets me to write this and it has taken me awhile to write these words. I want us to do him right, I want us to show that there are still people that remember and honor his sacrifice and want to show that by sending him a little something to make his life easier – if only for a short time.

If you are willing to answer this call and help – go to the following link and donate whatever you can or are able to.
All donations received between now and the first of September will go to this veteran.

*****UPDATE 2012-August-23*****

I have some awesome news to report – we are nearing the end of our second day of donations for this veteran and just hit the $1,250 mark. How awesome is that? Do you all realize that this tops the donations for our previous two veterans combined? This is also more than our donations to the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House combined as well! We still have another week to go yet too – I wonder how much we are going to raise in that time? I wish I could be there to see this veteran’s eyes when he gets this check, I am sure it is going to be an amazing day.

I am guessing you guess are feeling the connection to this veteran like I have – it is almsot like I could see this man as my grandfather. What are your thoughts, we would love to hear them. If you have a message you would like to send to this veteran you can message our Facebook page and we will pass them along to this veteran.

*****UPDATE 2012-August-25*****

With still 1-week left we are over $1,500 donated for this veteran so far. We are honored that you all have given so much already and the donations keep pouring in. Let’s keep it up and help this man.


*****UPDATE 2012-September-08*****

We just received word that this veteran was presented the checks from this care package drive. Here is what was sent to us:


I presented **** the checks today. At first said he couldn’t take them. Told him I couldn’t sent them back explained your program to him. He took them with tears in his eyes.  We talked a lot he said no one could ever tell him Christmas doesn’t come early now!  Said it would really make a difference in his life.

Thank you brothers

This is for all of you that helped make a difference for this brother and to show him that you never stop looking out for eachother. Solid work.