Veterans Care Package: A Christmas Wish

This is an urgent one folks. Our friend Peter the PTSD Penguin has enlisted the help of our community to make a Christmas dream come true for one of our own and his family.

The Situation:
Joe is a soldier that is currently in in-patient care being treated for PTSD at a Veterans Administration facility that is currently two states away from where his family lives. He is two states away after being transferred from a local facility for more specialized care.

Joe has been at this facility and away from his wife and two children for over a month now – he is not able to leave treatment and is effectively stuck there while he is getting better. While he isn’t barred from having his family visit him, the costs involved in making that happen is prohibiting it.

Airfare has already been secured, we are seeking to raise the money needed to house them(hotel) and the costs involved in food and local transportation.

The Mission:
What we are trying to accomplish is to raise enough money for Joe’s wife and two children to visit him for the holidays.

All money raised from now until December 14, 2012, will go directly to Joe’s family and will be used for the sole purpose of making this family’s dream to be together on Christmas come true.

Joe is a Purple Heart recipient who was injured during combat operations in Afghanistan and has been dealing with PTSD for some time now – it is imperative that he gets the treatment that he needs, it is equally important that he isn’t deprived of his family while he is on his road to recovery.

If you would like to help Рvisit our Donations page by clicking here. All donations collected from now until the 14th will be given to this family.

Let’s show that Infantry love!

****UPDATE 09DEC2012 1940HRS****
Just an update for you all – I sent out to the family the amount raised so far, while we reached our goal we will continue to collect any donations that anyone wants to send to them, just send a note to us.

Here is a screen shot from our PayPal account showing the transaction, their name is blurred out to protect privacy. A total of $1,053.84 was delivered. There were two transactions due to me not inputting the first in properly.