Veteran Care Packages – Our Second Veteran

Our next Veteran Care Package Nominee is in a situation that some of our readers and members may find familiar. This soldier has found himself in a dire situation financially since returning home and suffering from disabilities resulting from an IED blast and resulting trauma with PTSD.

Some of this young couple’s immediate needs are the essentials, money for food, rent, utilities, clothing, furniture, and other household goods – in an attempt to keep themselves afloat they have been forced to sell-off most of their possessions as well as having suffered from theft.

This soldier is caught in limbo while waiting for the VA to finalize his compensation – he is currently rated at 40% for hearing loss, TBI, PTSD and nerve damage to his arm.

Clearly the needs of this family are great – but hopefully with our help we can help them float a little longer.

As we did with our first care package drive we will accept cash donations for this family which can be made by going to the following link and clicking on the “Donate” button in the article.

If you would like to send household goods to this family please contact me through and we can make arrangements with the family to receive hard goods – this family is currently living in Georgia.

I am looking for us to raise $500 for this family – I think we can do it and will keep this open until that goal is met.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via our Facebook page or through the above email addrees. Any updates will be made on this page and posted on our Facebook.

***** UPDATE 28 AUG 2012 *****

I just received an email from this family letting me know that they received the care package that was sent out to them – here is some of that email for you all.

We got it yesterday!!

Of course I cried as we opened the box together. Then cried some more as I told him about the steak dinner and beer. I could tell he was holding back a laugh as he said…. and we get to see a chick flick, lol.

As we continued thru the care package it was apparent of the thoughtfulness that went into it. He left the room in silence but only to return with a smile and these simple words, “Thank you, I almost forgot that anyone cared. ”

Words can’t express our gratitude for your kindness . Thank you for reminding him that he’s not alone and that you do care. Thank you for letting me see him smile once again.
God bless everyone involved.

As Pop said when I showed him this email, “that’s what it is all about.” You all have made a difference in a fellow brother’s life and gave him something greater than money. Well done.

NOTICE: If you would like to continue to give to this family we will still accept donations on their behalf, simply follow-up to the confirmation e-mail with a reply saying something to the effect of, “Hey, my donation was for the 2nd Veteran,” and I will pass those along.