Veteran Care Packages Update 8/19/12

This is an update on where we currently stand on the Veteran Care Packages mission. First off, I would like to personally commend you all on really stepping up and showing our best side on this mission. You all have gone above and beyond and really exemplify what the Infantry represents.

Veteran 1:
The first veteran recipient of our care packages has been fulfilled. We sent out a check for $500 to this family in need of a little help and received this word back from the sister of the recipient

Veteran 2:
We are nearing completion of the care package for this veteran. What we have to send out to them is as follows; a check for $400, some personal items and gift cards totalling $150. There may be some additional items coming in this week so I am holding off to make sure I have everything before sending it out.

Where do we go from here?
I am working on finalizing the information for our third veteran and working on a possible fourth. The third veteran will be posted sometime this coming week and is a good one to donate to if you haven’t done so yet.

So keep your eyes on either this site or our Facebook page which will run the story once it is posted.

We would like to make this an anual event where we help out at least three veterans but of course, we will never turn away a veteran that comes to us asking for help and we will do what we can.

Thanks again for all of you who made this mission a success so far and I know that you all will continue to impress us.