Veteran Care Packages: Our First Veteran’s Story

Alright men – we have our first veteran in need and they really need some assistance and love from our brotherhood.

This person was nominated by their soon to be sister-in-law. 2-weeks ago he and her sister had a baby; the mother developed an infection, Necrotizing Fasciitis, and has since had surgeries to remove over 33 pounds of flesh and muscle from her abdomen.

This has been going on for a week, during which time they have been away from their baby as well has out of work. The doctors are predicting that she will be in the hospital for atleast a month. With no income coming in they are facing more difficult times ahead.

The family has been helping as much as they can but more help is needed. What we want to do is try to gather as much money as possible to give to this family and show them that we look out for our fellow vets when they need our help. Here is the drill – goto and click the yellow “Donate” button and during the check-out process simply put Veteran 1 in the comments to seller portion. Or you can reply to the email with “hey this was for Veteran 1” and I will make sure it goes to the family.

Let’s make this happen!

***UPDATE*** 08AUG2012 1016 EST
The response has been awesome from you guys – as of the time of this update $310 have been raised for this family. I want to see if we can get $500 together for this family. So, if you can give a little I urge you to do so.

Thanks again for those that have given so generously!

***UPDATE*** 11AUG2012 1830 EST
You want to know why God loves the Infantry? I know there are many reason but I am pretty sure that the fact that we were able to get together and raise $500 to help take a little pressure off this family is one of the reasons. I am making finaly arrangements to send a check out to the family. If you want to continue giving to this family you can, just note it in the donation or send a follow-up email stating your intentions with your donation and I will make sure it goes where it is supposed to. We have two more veterans in the que we are putting together so keep the donations coming, there are more that need help.

***UPDATE*** 12AUG2012 0910 EST
We just received a thank you on our page from the sister of our veteran family you all have come together to help. You all can take pride in this.