Top Radical Cleric Issues Fatwa on Charlie Sheen

A top Muslim radical cleric, Abu Hamza, has issued a fatwa on the prominent American actor Charlie Sheen today – the order was issued in response to Sheen’s portrayal as a Navy SEAL in the 1990 film, “Navy SEALs”.

Abu Hamza stated today that, “no longer will the Muslim world stand by and watch the agents of Satan in Hollywood mock and ridicule the Muslim religion by portraying it as religion of violence.” He further emphasized that, “we will show the world that non-violent forms of disrespect will be met with violence!”

The call for violence against Sheen is the latest in an effort to crackdown on negative portrayals of Muslims by Western media. A source at the State Department claimed that U.S. officials, “condemn this act and are very shocked at the irresponsible actions by Charlie Sheen and urge other Hollywood actors to use more restraint and level-headed thinking in their acting.”

A source close to Sheen told our reporters that the only response from him was, “winning.”

We will keep you up to date on this still developing story.