They Will Never Get “It”

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“Look. I’m all for supporting troops, but the sexism I see on this site and then (sic) you guys seem to think you’re better than all of us is really just disrespectful…”

This was how a message posted on our page began this morning. It seems just like last week, because it was just last week (see the article Be a Good Veteran), that I talked about this very subject. No – I wasn’t talking about the fact that we are woman and hippie hating potty mouthed miscreants (to those that fit in that category, I apologize); I was talking about how we are judged by those that just don’t get us.

Blame it on the military or what not but we are in fact different than the average bear. I am not sure who this person was referring to when they claim that we think we are better than “all of us” – POGS? Ya, we are better soldiers than them because we typically train at a higher level and are a more skilled in the combat arts. Civilians? Yup, I think we are better Americans because we exemplify what it means to be an American by putting the needs of our country and defending her interests abroad – often ahead of our own needs and personal feelings. All of this isn’t meant to be malicious, it is our personal pride – not for ourselves but for the men we serve with and the history of our brotherhood.

We respect anyone that has the balls to raise their hand and stand behind a US nameplate on their uniform regardless of their role in the military. I would like to think that members of other branches get that and understand we are reflecting the Esprit De Corps of the Infantry here.

But people like this?

They will never get it.