The Original Poser – 1SG(P) Steve Jordan

Around a year ago someone tipped us off to the now infamous 1SG(P) Steve Jordan. We worked with our friends in outing this obvious poser.


For those not familiar with “Top” – you can come at him on his Facebook fanpage or at his FetLife account.

It appears that Steve Jordan has been playing make believe soldier for at least 20 years from what we can ascertain from photographs that have been recovered of him on the Internet.

He is literally all over the Internet, from Cos-Play and Mil-Sim sites and forums, to bondage and fetish sites, he has a presence on them – and invariably, if you look around, he claims military status or talks about his “deployment” somewhere in his profiles.

Make sure you visit Mr. Jordan where ever he lurks and let him know what you think of him.