The Official Miss US-Infantry 2013 Contest

That’s right, you heard it right – we are going to open up submissions for the Miss US-Infantry 2013 contest. So, make sure you pass the word on to your female friends and get them to submit their sexiest photo(s) and we will create a post and enable a poll for you all to vote for who you think deserves to be crowned Miss US-Infantry.

All submissions should be made in email form and sent to – Be sure to include your Name, and an address should you win so that we can send you your prize package.

Winner will receive a prize package as well as being featured here and on our Facebook page, including becoming our page’s thumb for at least 1-month.

Show your love for the Infantry ladies!

I forgot to include the winner from last year – Miss US-Infantry 2012 AKA Queen of Battle Actual herself! (Also shown is the baby-doll t-shirt that the winner will recieve).