State Department to Boost U.S. Embassy Security

Assistant Secretary of State Robert O. Blake Jr. announced at a press conference today the State Department’s call to boost security at U.S. Embassy and consulate posts around the world in response to ongoing attacks in the Middle East.

The call for tougher security comes amid growing criticism of the level of security and response following attacks on U.S. Embassy personnel including deaths at the U.S. Consulate Office in Libya.

Blake stated, “after initial reviews it is clear that our security personal, namely the Marines on Embassy Duty, need greater options available to them – this has lead to a decision to immediately issue Embassy security with tasers and pepper spray.” He added, “firearms are really a hindrance to providing security because they are only effective in killing people and we need a kinder approach to protecting our personnel over seas.”

Senior Marine Corps leadership declined to respond when we asked for a response to this recent push. However, we were able to get a statement from a Marine Sergeant currently serving on Embassy duty who seemed to be overly thrilled with the decision by telling our reporters, “that’s just *expletive* wonderful – Ooh *expletive* Rah Devildogs!”

We will keep you up to date on the latest details in this developing story.