State Department Adds YouTube to Known Terrorist Websites

In response to the U.S. Intelligence community naming Al-Queda as behind the Benghazi embassy attacks, the State Department added YouTube to its list of known terrorist websites.

Shortly after the intelligence community announced that Al-Queda was behind the Benghazi embassy attacks the State Department quickly added YouTube to the list of known terrorist websites. The move comes amid criticism that too much focus has been made of the role of a YouTube video in inciting violence and riots in the Middle East.

Mr. Hill from the State Department made the announcement during a press conference with the foreign press in Washington D.C. Hill stated, “YouTube is essentially the same as Al-Queda – it is basically a virtual terrorist training camp that occasionally has booty-popping videos.”

It was not clear whether or not the U.S. is planning any attacks against the terrorist training website but Hill did mention that, “all options are on the table and certainly we are discussing whether or not drone strikes would be appropriate in this case or even sending ground forces to cripple YouTube’s infrastructure.”

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