Shield of Sham? New Army Study Finds E-4’s Actually Do Bulk of Work

Shield of Sham


It has long been a joke in the Army that the Specialist rank signified the “Shield of Sham” and that Specialists themselves were notorious for ducking out of work details, disappearing to their rooms following formations and spending too much time stretching during “PT at your own pace”.

According to a study released today by TRADOC – “There is a┬ádisproportionate amount of work being done both in the field and garrison by members of the Specialist corps”

SPC Brian McDuffy, President of the U.S. Army Specialists Corps, said, “We are delighted at the findings of this study and hope that this serves as a reminder to skeptical First Sergeants through out the Army of the contributions Specialists make on a daily basis to the Army’s mission.”

Perhaps the USASC’s hopes are having some affect – 1SG O’Brian told our reporters that, “I think this study will have an impact – from now on my first instinct will not be to assume that my soldiers are all piled in the one barracks room that has cable when I can’t find anyone for beautification detail at 1000 hours.”

As usual, we will keep you updated with the latest details on this developing story.