S.A. 2575 Stop Online Ammo Sales Act

Just so you are all aware – the Senate passed the Cyber Security bill today, 84-11. Next week the Senate will be voting on the inclusion of S.A. 2575, the so-called Stop Online Ammo Sales Act.

We try to not get too political around here but if you are like us you are into firearms and being able to shoot them. If you shoot frequently enough you have no doubt at one time or another purchased your ammo off the internet. What this legislation aims to do is to pervent ammo sales on-line that exceed 1,000 rounds of ammunition to anyone other than authorized dealers. In addition, this bill requires that dealers keep records of all ammo sales andĀ if you purchase more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition in person that the dealer HAS to report the sale to local law enforcement.

While this is an election year and the likelihood of such legislation making it through a Republican controlled House are slim I would highly suggest that if you are against, and for those of you that support it, to contact your Senators and ask them to act on your behalf.