US-Infantry occasionally receives items for review from our partners and sponsors as well as equipment that we pick-up for our own use. We will start giving you our honest, bullshit-free, reviews of gear here.

We welcome any suggestions on specific gear you would like to hear more about.

Lehigh Defense, LLCLehigh Defense, LLC:
Producer and manufacturing of high performance competition and defensive ammunition Lehigh Defense, LLC. This is some smoking ammo! Read our review here!!



Another vetern-owned and operated business we are happy to call our friends. X-Tactical specializes in supplying all your tactical gear needs, from weapons magazines and parts to survival and web gear. Read our review here!!



Stateside Man Goods LLCStateside Man Goods LLC:
Veteran-owned and operated Stateside Man Goods provides high-quality, premium carepackages for soldiers, students and the corporate world. Read our review here!!



Trigger Time Industries LLCTrigger Time Industries LLC:
Veteran operated Trigger Time Industries LLC, manufacturing of high-performance ammunition for target and training. Read our review here!!



Get Some Combat SportsRanger Coffee:
Veteran owned and operated supplier of premium coffee. These are good people that invest no less than half of their distributed profits in veterans. Read our review here!!



Get Some Combat SportsGet Some Combat Sports:
Veteran owned and operated supplier of military and MMA themed t-shirts and MMA fighting apparel. Read our review of their gear here!



LOCKNLOAD JAVALOCKNLOAD JAVA: Veteran owned and operated manufacturer of premium coffee here!