Review: Trigger Time Industries LLC

Over the past three months we have had the pleasure of having the opportunity to test and evaluate ammunition from Trigger Time Industries LLC’s remanufactured line. Their remanufactured line is intended for high volume ammunition users who are looking for quality, consistent ammunition at a reduced cost.

Trigger Time Industries LLC began in 2009 during the height of the national ammo shortage. They are currently run by Kyle and Dan Ranous, who bring real world Military and Law Enforcement experience to the table.

Their ammo production began with the professional in mind, from supplying Law Enforcement agencies and professional competition shooters they cover the gamut and operate under high expectations from their customers.

Their ammo production is controlled by state-of-the-art computer controlled presses and under the highest of quality control standards.

Test and Evaluation
Our testing was done under the belief of what you, the users of US-Infantry, would expect from your ammo. That belief was that we were expecting ammunition that wouldn’t break the bank to purchase and that would function flawlessly.

We ran Trigger Time Industries remanufactured .223 Remington ammunition on 3 occasions during tactical close-quarters shoots. The time-frame between shoots allowed us to gauge the performance of the ammo in an environment with temperatures ranging from the 80’s down to 20 degrees. The rifle used was a 14.5″ Bravo Company USA upper receiver over a Colt lower with Colt bolt carrier group. Standard Break-Free was the only lubrication used, and was only applied once, the rifle was not cleaned from the beginning of the evaluation period till the end. As part of full-disclosure, this rifle has a history of zero malfunctions.

Initial inspection of the rounds when they came in presented brass that was unmarked and perfectly formed. All bullets presented a consistent appearance as far as how far in the case they were seated. All primers appeared to be properly in place. For budget ammunition it appeared as a great deal of care was put into the production of this ammo.

During the course of the three months we experienced ZERO malfunctions and in general the ammo ran extremely smooth. One important thing that I noticed during the evaluation process was how clean the ammunition was. Typically when using budget ammo it is pretty common to find that the powder used leaves the rifle dirtier than higher-quality ammo and often will run smokey, this is not the case with the Trigger Time Industries ammo. I was actually surprised at how little smoke or smell was experienced during operation. That may not be a make or break for you but it is a sign of the quality of components that are used in Trigger Time’s production.

In this uCleanliness test of Trigger Time Industries ammunitionnedited photograph to the right is a view of the bolt carrier group used after testing was complete. There was no cleaning between outings. The amount of carbon present was left after the running of the 100 rounds of test ammo. I would officially rate that as minimal and on-par with most commercial ammunition (like Winchester, Federal or Remington). Important to note is the absence of any brass residue left from the wear of cases during operation.



Final Thoughts
For the cost of this ammo, which is available from their site and sold in quantities of 50 rounds with a cost between $19.42 to $18.45 depending on quantity purchased, paired with the cleanliness, quality of construction and most importantly it’s flawless performance in all temperature ranges tested, I am prepared to state that I will be purchasing Trigger Time Industries ammunition and will be my ammunition of choice for my personal training.

We would like to extend our thanks again to Kyle at Trigger Time Industries in giving us this opportunity to evaluate his company’s ammunition.

You can visit Trigger Time Industries at their web address at or on their Facebook page at

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I forgot to mention that there is a Military/Veteran discount available through Trigger Time Industries and we have been authorized to extend that to our forum members on good faith so – if you signed-up for our forums and verified your Military service and want to order from Trigger Time they will allow you to use your membership on our forums as proof of service. Simply shoot them an email with your user name on our site and they will automatically add the discount to your account on their site.