Review “Stolen Valor” – Soldier Hard

Soldier Hard released a nuke on the military community today with the premier of his new single “Stolen Valor”. His message transcends musical genres and speaks to every soldier, past and present.

Soldier Hard - Stolen Valor

Our friends at Stolen Valor tipped us off about the release and we were able to give it a listen today. For a person that doesn’t listen to rap I found myself really liking this music – as mentioned it is probably because the message that is being delivered.

The video itself, embedded below, shows what we typically find from posers trying to pull off that they are legit vets – with their ate-up uniforms and things where they aren’t supposed to be and all. In the video, Soldier Hard, with help from Boone Cutler, does what all of us wishes we could do when we hear about these fools.

I don’t think I am alone when I say that this is more than a music video – it is more than another rap song – it is a warning shot across the bow of would-be posers that we are running out of patience with their lies and disrespect of what we and so many others earned and died earning.

I’m tipping my hat to Soldier Hard and the guys at Redcon-1 – well done.

Go to to download this song.