Review: Ranger Coffee

Over the past two weeks I have had the absolute pleasure to review some coffee sent by the good people at Ranger Coffee. We love reviewing products from our fellow veterans and it is especially welcoming when the veteran is one of our own.

The Company:
Ranger Coffee is one of the most noble and conscience-driven companies I have been introduced to. As all good capitalists we find nothing wrong with anyone looking to make a buck in life but Ranger Coffee is not about just making a buck – they are committed to making an impact in the lives of veterans. They make this impact by investing fifty percent of their distributed profits in causes that promote and support veterans. Some of those veterans causes are Team Red, White, and Blue, Inc., GallantFew, Inc., Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Inc. and the Gary Sinise Foundation, Inc.

Additionally, they themselves are a service-disabled veteran owned small business.

The Coffee:
OK – so the company is great and the owner is probably at least 1,000 times less of a dirt-bag than me but, how is the coffee?

In short answer, outstanding.

In the photo above you can see that I was sent a pretty decent spread of the types of coffee they offer. Ranger Coffee offer eleven different styles and I am eager to give them all a swing in the future.

All of their varieties offer a little something different in flavor and strength and most should be able to find a blend that fits their fancy. Additionally, Ranger Coffee offers “Hyper Caff” versions of several of their blends which have twice the amount of caffeine, which drew national acclaim in 2008.

Their coffee comes in either whole-bean or ground as per the customer’s preference.

I have found my self particularly fond of the Airborne Prop Blast blend. It is strong, yet smooth and has a good taste and aroma.

Due to my caffeine tolerance, the Ranger Hyper Caff blend is what I need in the morning to really give me that get-up and go. Unlike a shot of Atropine to the chest you won’t find yourself shaking or jittery or looking like a crackhead (that is unless you already exhibit those traits naturally like my friend Nate).

Built on the principals of good product and a solid mission/vision, Ranger Coffee isn’t just about coffee. To say I am impressed by the owner of Ranger Coffee would be putting it mildly – but I shouldn’t be surprised to expect anything less than outstanding from a former Ranger.

I encourage all of you to check out Ranger Coffee on their website at or at their Facebook page, learn what they are about and order some of their product.

We are all about helping other veterans and promoting veteran-owned businesses here at US-Infantry and we are glad to have people like Ranger Coffee out there representing veteran businesses and to call them our friends.

Ranger Coffee officially receives our nod of approval – well done.