REVIEW: Lehigh Defense, LLC

A few weeks ago I got with my good friend Xcoastie to test out some ammunition sent to us by the people at Lehigh Defense. The following is an initial review of what we experienced during a trip to the range to test this ammo out.

Lehigh Defense, LLC

Lehigh Defense, LLC began as a manufacturer of machined bullets for competition. They have since taken this high-performance and machining to rapid expansion and frangible ammunition for defensive shooting applications. They offer a variety of ammunition for both competition and real world shooting on multiple platforms.

For our evaluation we were sent some .45 ACP from their Maximum Expansion line and .223 from the Controlled Chaos line. Initial thoughts were that the bullets themselves were free of any defect and in general appeared well-made.

LEHIGH_45The .45 ACP Maximum Expansion ammo was quite attractive, the all copper projectile with aggressive cuts just looks like something that would put a hurt on your intended target.

We were rather shocked and had to do a double-take when it came to checking out the supplied data for the .223 Controlled Chaos ammo. These 45 grain bullets travel at 3,600 feet per second, that is 500 feet per second faster than the standard 62 grain M855 5.56 NATO. Naturally we were wondering what that added muzzle velocity would mean in terms of controllability.

Our target for the day was a steel target at the 25 yard range. After a few test shots to make sure the claims that this ammo was safe to shoot steel with were true we lit the target up some.

Here is an EXTREMELY short video of a 5 round burst at our target, and yes, that is a War Sport LVOA being used.

The amount of felt recoil was on par with normal operation so there is no sacrifice to controllability.

To truly appreciate this ammo we should have used some sort of soft target or ideally ballistic gel, none was available for the day but we intend on securing some more ammo for a follow-up to this report.

Final Thoughts
When it comes to your choice of ammunition for competition and especially defensive shooting you are relying heavily on the construction and science behind your choice. Lehigh puts a lot of thought behind the construction, wound characteristics, the machining and science behind their projectiles. I would have no problem trusting their ammo in my defensive weapon. They are worth considering and taking a look at yourself.

You can visit Lehigh Defense, LLC via their web address at or on their Facebook page at