Ranger School to Begin New Virtual Phase

In a report from Sand Hill, the US Army Times has discovered that the latest trend in improving training by augmenting with immersive virtual training will come to one of the most rigorous courses in TRADOC.

Virtual Ranger school night-training


November 7, 2012 17:00 EST
Field Reporter Bravo Hotel 1

Starting in July, Soldiers will have to add one more task to the long road marches and simulated missions to wear the coveted Ranger tab. The program is developed as the latest in a long series of successes from TBOC SIMS and will apply to Ranger School.

Ranger school has been one phase shorter since the Desert phase was dropped in 1993, and will now be replaced with a new 4th phase. In addition, the virtual phase will preclude actual reporting to Fort Benning.

Major Hans Contratinco, plans officer for RTB, is excited about developing the new curriculum, “which should weed out recruits who are not ready to cut the standard.”

When reporting in, Ranger prospects will have to turn in the digital certificate screen print from the Fort Gordon Knowledge Management Command.

Contractinco went on to say that brigades can use the first phase to organize the OML for the unit with the draw-down in school budgets, “In order to ensure the most qualified Soldiers who are truly dedicated to practicing being gratuitously miserable.”

The actual curriculum was provided to this reporter and, I must admit, was mind-defeating. It consists of a single screen, not completely blacked out and almost entirely devoid of a discernible texture, but not quite. A hidden automated timer synchs with the FTGKMC server to ensure the class is only taken during the times of 2000 and 0800 and must be taken in continuous blocks of minimum 6 hours to receive credit. Neither the timer, nor any other sub-program, makes any interruption in the visible screen whatsoever. Instructions for the course require students to soak themselves in the shower for at least 5 minutes and repeat the process if their uniform becomes dry or in any way comfortable.

As always, we will keep you up to date on this new technology.