Prior Service Reenlistment for 11B

If you’re a Prior Service 11B, E-1 – E-5 and are looking to get back in, you are now able to reenlist as of today if you meet the following criteria:

1: Must not have received any type of conduct/drug related discharge.
2: Must not have had any disqualifying law violation before, during, and after service. (AR 601-210 Ch. 4).
3: Must not require any type of misconduct waiver.
4: Can pass the APFT in your age group .
5: Must meet height/weight standards. (AR 600-9)
6: If discharge was medically related, you must have a clearance letter from a doctor stating condition no longer exists.

Be aware that this could change again any day so, If you’re trying to get back in, you had better get hot on it. If you have any questions, reply to this post.