President Vows to Track Down Sandy and Bring Her to Justice

The President has issued a stern warning for would-be enemies of America today when he announced that America will, “not rest until we track down Sandy and bring her to justice.”

In a last minute news conference, the President made the promise in response to question about what his response will be to the havoc Sandy has caused up and down the East coast.

The President affirmed that we will not, “sit idly by as a foreign enemy threatens our shores, members of the National Guard have already been called into action and we are preparing to assault Sandy where ever she may be hiding in the world.”

Sandy has already caused millions of dollars in damages and has been named responsible for nearly 70 deaths in the Caribbean. Many on America’s Eastern shore are bracing and preparing for the worse with early claims of damage already coming in. It is anticipated that Sandy may cause in excess of $1-Billion dollars in property and infrastructure damage in the US before Sandy is through.

We will keep you up to date in this developing story.