President Obama’s Bold New Plan for Future of America’s Military

President Obama unveiled an outline for his new bold plan for the future of America’s military and the role it may play in the world. The plan calls for a transition to a peacetime force.

President Obama met with members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other high-ranking military officials today to begin hammering out what the President called, “a necessary step towards moving the military forward.”

The President outlined a plan for the military that calls for an across-the-board transition from a combat force to a peacetime force. That plan calls for the elimination of all combat arms forces and the re-purposing of offensive military equipment into equipment that can be used for humanitarian aid and other peaceful missions.

“For too long we have been a nation that has depended on violence waged on our adversaries to bring about peace – we want to put an end to that, from now on, responsible leadership, diplomacy and good-will will move America and the world to a more perfect vision of world peace,” Obama stated as he addressed a pool of eager press.

When questioned about how America will deal with a foe that is determined to use violence the President simply offered, “America will lead by example – two wrongs don’t make a right.”

While the reduction of combat forces will be gradual, those currently serving in a combat specialty will begin to use their skills for other purposes – an aide to the Joint Chiefs explained that behind closed-doors, “there was talk that infantry soldiers could be used to perform tasks like mopping or manning the post fitness centers while other MOSs such as armor who are used to operating heavy equipment can utilize equipment like lawn mowers and weed whackers to perform hours of post beautification projects.”

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