Peter’s Hot Minute

Doc Still Saving Asses

by Dorian

So I get up this morning and go outside for my morning cigarette, as I’m sitting outside I notice at the bus stop a group of teenagers shove a smaller kid to the ground and then one ripped his back pack off (and I mean rip off not slide it off of him, I mean literally pull on it until the straps break) and dump the contents of his backpack on the kid.

Without a moments hesitation I was already en route to put an end to this. I yell at the kid to stop what he’s doing and let him know I’m about to break his jaw. The kid yells at me, and I quote, “Fuck off bitch, I’m seventeen you ain’t gonna do shit! Mind your own business or me and my boys gonna beat your bitch ass.”

As I close the distance he continues to hurl insults pointing at me, and informing me of my impending ass beating of biblical proportions. Finally when I’m in arms reach (which is extremely close for me due to my stature and less than epic arm reach) I slam his jaw as hard as I can sending him into a collision course with the ground, cigarette still in mouth, and his friends bewildered of the events that had just transpired. I turned to them ready for a bum rush that was certainly going to happen as they were toted has having an indomitable sense of unity, instead I got given the palms up universal sign up surrender.

I informed them they were going to pick the kids belongings up and place everything back in order, while I checked to make sure the kid was okay. I gave him a once over and saw despite a scuffed knee and some damage pride he was ok. I walked back to my yard ready to finish my cigarette that I had started when a police car pulled up.

There’s good news.

The cop gets out and informs me, “Hey there, I saw what you did over there, now you know you can’t go punching people don’t you?” “They were beating on the little kid. He’s ok,” I pointed to the group of kids the one that was struck was now standing holding his jaw with a tears rolling down his face. “See. I don’t need to go to jail or anything.”

The cop during this is looking at my hat that has a massive CMB on it and reads combat medic on the bill with my own personal CMB that I put on the bill, “Nah man, I’m not going to take you to jail or anything. I’m just letting you know this isn’t like Iraq and you can’t go punching people in the fucking face man. Cool that shit down Doc.” At this point he lifts up his sleeve with a CIB tattoo, “I just letting you know, some cops are dicks and won’t respect you. Have a nice day.” What a wonderful way to start off my week.