New PT Uniform is a Head Turner

The U.S. Army has released this concept drawing of the new PT uniform. Already the chatter around Army test units is this is really getting attention from the troops!

Army uniform development officials claim this is the most advanced “soldier-centered” PT uniform ever designed. Made of high-tech nano fibers this new uniform offers unmatched wicking qualities over previous designs and materials. The body hugging design allows for superior freedom of movement during routine PT exercises. So much so that it is rumored that this new design shaves an average of 30 seconds off test soldier’s run times.

But what do the troops think? According to sources, soldiers are overwhelmingly pleased with the latest uniform change. One soldier we spoke to claimed, “This is the best uniform change since the introduction of the ACUs – clearly the Army is really doing it’s homework before coming out with uniform changes.”

We couldn’t agree more – clearly this stunning uniform is sure to make an impression on parade fields and division runs across all Army posts.