New Hollywood Movie “The Deployment” Promises to be ‘Most Accurate Military Movie Ever’

Lionsgate Films announces the post-production phase of new military film “The Deployment”. Producer Avi Lerner, of “Expendables” fame, promises this is the most accurate portrayal of what the average soldier faces on deployment.

The plot involves a squad of activated Army Reservists that spend a rotation playing spades and dominoes inside their GP Medium. Included is griping dialogue about “porking fat women” and various stories involving masturbation.

In one scene the platoon sergeant, played by Jamie Foxx, is seen Facebooking photos of himself posed with his rifle and body armor on captioning the photo as “gettn ready to get sum!”.

Already being billed the “Platoon” of this generation, critics are clamoring for what is predicted to be a blockbuster smash hit this fall when the film is officially released.