New Changes to Soldier Training in 2013

As part of a new initiative to brighten and enhance the soldier experience in the US Army, there are new changes headed the Army TRADOC’s way. Soon, trainees entering any of the Army’s basic training and OSUT facilities will begin to see some of these new changes.

Of the changes coming down the pipes, the most noticeable is a change to the operation tempo soldiers experience during basic training. The Army has been studying the effects of sleep on the ability of trainees to develop and retain new skill-sets and knowledge.

The study, conducted by UCLA professor¬†and PhD in sleep, Dr. Laura Slezinger, states that, “the addition of a mid-day, or mid-morning snack followed immediately by a 30-minute nap greatly increases the brains ability to store and recall recently learned training as well as greatly reduces the stress commonly encountered during training.”

GEN Cone, commanding general of TRADOC, says, “it all boils down to what is best for the soldier and studies have shown that what works great for a¬†5 year-old in Kindergarten will work just as well for an 18 year-old in basic and OSUT training. I am personally excited to see soldiers enjoying their mid-morning snack followed by mid-morning nap knowing that this will make them more effective on the battlefield.”

We too are excited to see soldiers enjoying their mid-morning naps sir.

We will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in this story.