Navy to Sell Marine Corps to Army

In an effort to cut costs the US Navy announced today that it is seeking to sell the Marine Corps to the Army.

Out of Washington D.C. this shocking news was learnedĀ from an anonymous source within the Department of the Navy. According to the source, the Navy is faced with a $500-Billion dollar operating budget cost and frankly, “the Navy just can’t afford to have Marines anymore when it comes down to either Marines or no ships to put the Marines on.”

The current deal is calling for all Marines to seemlessly transition from Marine to Soldier during fiscal year 2014. It is not clear if the Marines will be fully integrated or retain their specific qualities and unique skill sets.

Our Navy source says, “it just makes sense to do this at this time; they have much more in common with Soldiers than Sailors – they say Oorah, Soldiers say Hooah; I think they will do just fine together.”

When we asked Lcpl. Timothy Johnson what he felt about this he simply said, “man, that is some bullshit right there.”

We will keep you up to date on any updates to this still breaking story – remember, you heard it here first!