Navy Collides With Political Correctness – Changes in Ranks Ahead

Political correctness has run ashore at the Department of the Navy – a recent ruling will soon see a name change to a time-honored rank. As of 1 October, 2012, all Seaman ranks will be renamed Seaperson.

The surprise change to a rank that has had a role in the maritime services since the early 1600’s came about after repeated complaints about the rank. Several within the Navy have often complained that the Marines would ridicule the name, often misspelling it, in an attempt at crude humor.

On top of the similarity to the name and a rude bodily function comes a steady flow of complaints that female sailors are addressed by a masculine rank.

Chief of Naval Operations, ADM Jonathan Greenert, commented that the ruling, “was a longtime coming – clearly we have reached the fatigue point and it is time to release the Seaman rank from our fleets.”

Seaperson Apprentice Linda Hoffman was pleased to tell us, “I think this was the right move, no one liked seeing Seaman on their name.”

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