MWR Rolls Out New Initiative

Officials with the Army’s Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) have rolled out a new initiative aimed at increasing soldier morale and making service in the Army more enjoyable for new soldiers.

MWR logo

After months of discussions with top Army brass, MWR has announced today that the Army will be rolling out a new initiative that is aimed at increasing trooop morale.

The new initiative, dubbed “Casual Fridays”, will allow soldiers serving in garrison to dress in civilian attire on Fridays. The new change will be effective 01 November, 2012.

For the past 2-months, test units at Ft. Leonard Wood have been fielding Casual Fridays and have reported great improvements in troop morale and retention. In addition, behavioral counseling has gone down tremendously as a result of the change.

Casual Friday at Ft. Leonardwood

A Ft. Leonard Wood soldier enjoys the Casual Friday test pilot.

Cindy Parkins, MWR researcher, stated,”There is a feeling among soldiers, especially younger soldiers, that the Army is too formal, too stodgy, and bringing in one day where they can dress in a manner that reflects their individualism is a good thing we think. The research seems to suggest that this is a good way forward.”

Not all leaders feel this is “the way to go” however. A unit commander in the 82nd Airborne told our reports on the condition of anonymity, “this is a bunch of mommy daddy bullshit – are these soldiers, ou babies? Do they want me to start wiping private’s asses for them too?”

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out – as always, we will keep you informed on any changes to this developing story.