“Marines’ Hymn” to Receive New Touch and a Little Flare

In the wake of the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” no other branch has done as much to show they are committed to increasing diversity and equality in their branch than that of the United States Marine Corps. The Marines gained national attention by putting their foot forward with another equality initiative when they announced they are beginning to look at implementing female Marines in the Infantry, and with it comes the announcement today that Lady Gaga will be recording a new version of the treasured “Marines’ Hymn”.

The “Marines’ Hymn” is the oldest military song and has been updated through out the years to reflect the triumph over obstacles that Marines have faced – the last update came during World War II to reflect the addition of Marine aviators.

According to Lady Gaga’s publicist, “Lady has been impressed with the leadership the Marines have shown the rest of the military in their eagerness to accept gays who earn their right to call themselves Marines. This is something she wanted to do to show her respect for the Marines and to represent the sacrifices that gay Marines have made for this nation.”

Gaga’s statement echoes what Marine Corps Sgt. Major Kent released in a pre-recorded statement following the repeal of DADT, “The Marine Corps is a diverse force and all have earned the privilege to wear the eagle, globe, and anchor. As Marines, we are confident that you will continue to treat each other with dignity and respect.”

In a follow-up we asked the Sgt. Major about the announcement from Gaga, “Lady Gaga is a very talented artist, she came to us with this vision of hers and after hearing prerecording sessions we all got pumped and behind this project.”

It is reported that the Gaga recording will take over previous pre-recorded version at official events and will be unveiled by a live performance at the next Marine Corps Ball.

Word of Lady Gaga’s plans have spread like wildfire through out the Corps with an overwhelming show of support from the Marines we have spoken to. LCpl Timmy Smith told our reporters, “oh my God – this is so exciting, Lady Gaga is my favorite artist; she is truly an inspiration and I can’t wait to hear this – it’s just fabulous news!”

Indeed LCpl Smith, this is fabulous news.

As always, you heard it hear first and we will keep you up to date on any changes in this breaking story.