LocknLoad Java – “Coffee that Will Blow You Away”

Recently I was introduced to a veteran-owned company that specializes in premium coffee – Locknload Java. I am always eager to find veteran-owned sources for some of the products I use frequently and coffee just happens to be one of those things that most Joes use pretty often.

Locknload Java was founded in 2010 by retired LTC Carl Churchill who, after an honorable 21-year career that saw enlisted as well as commissioned time, decided to create a company that followed the same principals that guided him throughout his career in the Army.

The owners of Locknload Java don’t forget where they came from – from the $1.00 per order that they donate to veterans’ charities to the ability to send coffee to deployed troops they continue to keep taking care of troops in the forefront of their minds. The fact that they will ship to APO’s is something of a novelty in and of itself.

The Product
I went to Locknload Java’s website and began to browse their thirteen different varieties of coffee. Smooth Operator, Charlie Don’t Surf, Warrior Select – these are just a few of the names, all come with a helpful description of what to expect as far as taste and strength. I decided to go with the Task Force Zulu: Rwandan – I developed a taste for African coffee along the way and found it difficult to find it in the states.

A 12 oz. bag cost $13.95 and with shipping it was just under $20.00 – a little expensive but then again, this is “premium” coffee and not coffee that has been sitting on a shelf at your local grocery market for a month.

A week later my coffee arrived – I was literally only expecting to find coffee in the box that came. I was pleasantly surprised to find some extra “goodies” stuffed in the box. Included were a bag clip to keep my coffee fresh, a mouse pad, and some literature on preparing the coffee. I am a sucker for free things and I am always impressed when a company sends unexpected freebies with an order – it also softens the blow from spending more than I usually do on coffee.

One thing to note about their coffee – it is whole bean so you will need a coffee grinder (something I didn’t have – which Wal*Mart sells in case you are wondering) to successfully brew your coffee.

I was pretty excited to taste this coffee.

This coffee was strong but smooth – it wasn’t your Army variety strong coffee that makes you wonder if they bothered to rinse the cleaner out of the pot before they brewed the coffee. If you enjoy drinking your coffee black you won’t be disappointed.

Final Analysis
It’s not often that you get to find a true veteran-owned company yet alone one that remains loyal to supporting troops. If you enjoy coffee – scratch that, if you ever intend on drinking a cup of coffee, or even being within 20-meters of a cup, get online and pick-up a bag of coffee from Locknload Java and help support your fellow vets and their efforts to support troops and other vets.

If you have already experienced Locknload Java for yourself, write about it in the comments below.

Locknload Java is available via their website @ http://www.locknloadjava.com/