Judge Asks Veteran if he, “Killed Anybody This Week”

“Have you killed anybody here in Albany in the past week?” This was the question a veteran in a Albany, New York Vet Track court proceeding was asked by the judge. In addition to seemingly mocking the veteran for his combat service there seemed to be a complete breakdown in why the Vet Track veterans court was established in the first place. Vet Track is designed to consider the service of a veteran who has found themself in a legal bind of a non-violent nature, typical over a chemical dependency variety. It is unclear what the original charge was here but that is regardless – the court is supposed to be sympathetic and understanding, clearly this judge was neither in my opinion. In the following attached files you can see for yourself what the judge said and judge for yourself whether you feel his line of questioning was appropriate.


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A local news station offers more where the judge claims he made a “poor choice of words”.
 News10 Coverage

If Judge Keefe is truly sorry then he should voluntarily remove himself from his position in the Veterans Court.