JRTC / NTC Change is Part of Hearts and Minds Initiative

Units headed to one of the Army’s training centers will notice a new change that aims at bringing the war to win hearts and minds home. Effective immediately, rotating units will no longer face Islamic-Arab-Radicals as their OPFOR opponent.

Recently, a focus has been underway to ramp-up the Army’s efforts to win the war for hearts and minds in Afghanistan and the larger Middle-East region. This effort has lead to a re-thinking about how we prepare units for deployment and the message that sends the world. After numerous complaints from Arab and Muslim anti-discrimination groups, the Army is heeding their calls to put an end to what they call, profiling.

“Essentially, we can’t assure our friends in the Middle-East that we are not engaged in a war against Islam when we train against an Islamic force in our training centers – it is counter productive to the campaign to win hearts and minds,” according to an anonymous source within the State Department.

GEN Buck E. Waters, TRADOC, explained the new push, “basically, we don’t want our soldiers instinctively suspecting Muslims or Arabs of wrong doing just because they look and act funny, or because they are preconditioned to do so due to their training. We removed the Muslim from the equation and inserted Zombies.” When pushed as to why zombies, GEN Waters added, “well, that is what the buzz is these days – the kids get a kick out of them and have you seen them? They are scary as all get-up let me tell ya. My grandson loves them, he watches that show… what the hell is the name of it? No matter – Zombies make the perfect villain and nobody has bitched or complained that they are being profiled yet so it is a win-win.”

What does the average Joe think about this?
SGT James from A co. 2/58 4ID told our reporters, “Zombies are cool and all and I can’t wait to go to NTC but if people don’t want to be profiled maybe they should stop blowing shit up.”

We will keep you up to date on this developing story.