Is YouTube Movie to Blame?

This is only posted for you to draw your own conclusions – We are hearing an awful lot about this movie but very few have actually seen this movie. If you would like to see it, it is linked here

The movie itself is poorly produced, written and edited. It is extremely amateur and how it can be accepted as an official American movie or even a movie is beyond me. That said, there are those, according to the media, that are insisting this movie is behind the latest violence in the Middle East.

Is this movie offensive to Muslims? I am not a Muslim so I couldn’t answer on their behalf but I think it is obvious that there are those out there that would take offense to this film. Though, there are those that would have taken offense to Monty Python’s┬áThe Life of Brian.

The difference of course being the reaction to The Life of Brian never reached the level of violence. This is something that I feel is being missed in the media and some in our government. It doesn’t matter if the movie is the most vile, disgusting, offensive piece of garbage in the entire world, (a title clearly held by Twilight) it doesn’t give anyone the right to take someone else’s life – especially someone that is in absolutely no way connected to the film.

There is an old saying about the American right to free speech – it goes that the best way to combat bad speech is with good speech. I suggest those in the Muslim world take a cue from those words. If you feel that someone puts out a movie that casts your religion in a negative light or demeans your prophet – make your own movie that shows your religion and prophet they way you want the world to see them then. But DON’T suggest that you are being shown in a negative light and resort to murder and violent rioting to show the world you are peaceful.

It is important to note that Libyan Officials have stated that the Benghazi consulate attack was premeditated, planned and the work of a terrorist organization (a claim that some U.S. lawmakers are citing).

What are your thoughts? Try to keep them professional and keep politics out of it as much as possible – this isn’t an opportunity to bash one party or the other as those of you out there fall on both sides of the spectrum believe it or not.