Healthy Option MREs Are on Their Way

The Defense Logistics Agency unveiled new plans today on the departments newest food rations for soldiers. The new low-carb and health-conscious menus are already making a big hit amongst the ranks.

It should come as no surprise for anyone serving in the military to realize that today’s new recruits are a different breed than the soldiers that came before them. These differences have lead to many modifications in training to tailor the military experience in a way that takes advantages of their strengths while targeting their weaknesses. The standard field ration is now exception.

Ted Greene from DLA told our reporters, “today’s recruit is coming into the military with an entirely diferent set of dietary concerns than the soldier of 10 or 15 years ago that was raised primarily on McDonalds and other fast food diets – these soldiers are health conscious and we made it our mission to nurture that desire for healthy eating in the field rations we are unveiling today.”

What’s different?
For one thing, there are 4 meal options that now contain tofu as the protein in the main menu item – from Southwestern Tofu Scramble to Tofu Stir-fry, soldiers will soon have healthier eating options.

The DLA has working with dieticians to provide 12 new menu items that offer a reported 500 less calories on average per meal as well as a 80% reduction in the amount of carbs. Candy is being replaced with 100% natural and preservative-free fruit bars as well as natural lemon rind citrus flavoring replacing the drink-mix.

What do soldiers feel about this change to healthier eating when in the field?
PFC Carly Langsdon, Information Systems Specialist at 4ID Headquarters, offered this insight, “I think it is great, I don’t really ever get a chance to eat MREs except for when we go to the range but I think it is great – I feel much better about putting this in me!”

As usual, we will keep you informed on this breaking story.