Get Some Combat Sports admin shown wearing a Get Some Combat Sports “Prepare for War” t-shirt

Recently we received some t-shirts from Get Some Combat Sports to review and give to you guys in our current raffle.

I am usually not a fan of graphic t-shirts and generally stay away from them for fear of looking like a douchebag (which may be unavoidable anyway). What drew me to this particular company, besides their willingness to work with us, is that the company was started and is owned by a prior-service U.S. Army Ranger.

My initial reaction to the construction and material of the these t-shirts was impressed – the material is a soft cotton and the graphics feature a unique water-based printing process that few printers use. Oh ya, their supplier also does a lot of printing for Nike, Nintendo and other major companies.

So – it is with a clean conscious that I can recommend these guys as a top-notch supplier of mil/mma themed apparel. Check them out on Facebook and let them know that US-Infantry sent you!