Fort Benning Tank Painted Infantry Blue – Internet Prank to Blame

Early Tuesday morning Power Point Ranger made a comment “in jest” on his Facebook page. The online personality dared Infantrymen stationed at Fort Benning to paint the M1 Abrams tank outside Fort Benning Infantry blue without getting caught. This morning it was discovered that someone had carried out the grisly act and MPs are seeking answers.

This is the scene that greeted soldiers and comuters on their way on to post this morning and Fort Benning.

 The challenge issued at 8:00 EST on Tuesday morning was, according to the creator of PowerPoint Ranger, “made in jest.” He further offered, “I never actually expected anyone to do this – I mean, it is ridiculous, who would pant a tank blue?”

PowerPoint Ranger may find it unthinkable but according to Fort Benning MP SSG Jerry Nichols, “we have been experiencing a lot of pranks since the armor school was moved here – grunts and tankers never get along and this stuff is bound to happen, they are like Chris Brown and Rihanna.” As for the investigation, “we are going to get to the bottom of this – right now we are working with the Power Point Ranger and he has been cooperative.”

Colonel Spruce Barker, commander of the 198th Infantry Training BDE, offered this colorful explanation, “they are grunts – you tell them to shit they ain’t gonna look at you funny, they are just gonna shit. So you dare them to paint a tank blue? You bet your ass they are gonna paint that tank blue – you’re lucky they didn’t paint a pecker on the side of it!”

We will keep you up to date with the latest details on this troubling story.