Force Protection Initiative Aimed at Reducing Casualties

The Department of Defense announced today the plans for a new force protection initiative that is aimed at reducing casualties. The announcement comes amid a flurry of discussion about the effectiveness of the new measures.

A source within the Department of Defence revealed today that after 11 years of conflict, top commanders are challenging the status quo for Force Protection by instituting this new revolutionary approach to modern-day combat.

Our source revealed, “it is really simple – commanders have been asking over and over during the past 11 years, how can we better protect our troops – how can we reduce the casualties that we are seeing? Traditionally we would develop new protective measures, bolt-on armor kits for HMMWVs, up-armored HMMWVs, MRAPS, enhanced and improved body armor; all of which are good, but they don’t eliminate casualties. That is why today we are seriously looking at implementing a new Force Protection measure.”

According to the source, the simple solution will be to order soldiers to avoid any activity that would put them at risk of being engaged directly or indirectly by the enemy.

Effective immediately the following activities will be highly limited, patrols, convoys, gate/tower guard, PX runs, showers, mess halls, and using the shitter.

But how does that play out on the battlefield?

According to COL French of the Office of the Joint Chiefs, “It’s simple – if you know that the enemy is attacking foot patrols through village X, then no longer do foot patrols in village X.”

It is estimated that this new measure will reduce casualties by an estimated 95% – but not all soldiers are cheering this push. When we asked SGT Ervin what he thought we didn’t even receive a verbal response, merely a furrowed brow and the look of disappointment.

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