Facebook Terms of Use OK with Showing Dead U.S. Soldiers

Earlier today, the Facebook Mil community was justifiably upset when Stolen Valor posted the link to a Facebook page that had posted a graphic image that depicted at least 2 dead soldiers, later discovered to be victims of a suicide attack in April, 2012. The image was reported and the response from Facebook has left many equally upset.

This image, edited from it’s original was posted on Facebook and despite efforts to report the image Facebook claims it doesn’t violate their terms of use.

The original image was posted on what is now believed to be a fake page, or a page representing someone other than the original author. Titled ““Currahee” Military News the MSM avoids, Rick Lavoie 1st SGT (RET)” the page shows a history of posting military themed images, none of which matched the depravity of today’s posting.

Today, the author seemed to want to make a political statement and posted an un-edited version of the photo above. To be fair, the original image was discovered by Stolen Valor’s Bulldog1 as having originated from a photo blog on The Atlantic’s website.

I personally reported the image that so many found to be offensive and upsetting to Facebook – the response?

Facebook response from reported image

“Not Removed” – This means that according to Facebook a photo of a middle-aged woman showing cleavage, not boobs but cleavage, violates Facebook’s terms of use but showing someone’s son, brother, husband and/or father destroyed by the affects of a suicide bomber is A-OK. What the F&%K? What planet do we live on that this even makes the slightest shred of sense?

The lack of a “Contact Us” feature on Facebook makes it nearly impossible to argue their seemingly arbitrary decisions over what violates their terms of use.

In lieu of that we are making it known in this post – If you haven’t please report the offending image if you are able to view the image, contact The Atlantic and ask that they remove or otherwise conceal the image. Facebook may not have the good sense to take down this image but we will make our voice heard.

We understand the need to report the news and the importance of telling the toll of war, but, it has been a long-standing understanding between the press and the military that showing wounded or dead soldiers serves no other purpose than to embolden the enemy and upset the families of those affected.

I find it hypocritical that a press that openly criticizes U.S. soldiers for posing for so-called “trophy shots”  has the nerve to parade these images as somehow important to telling a story.

It seems that those in the press are only excited about telling the news when it is centered around U.S. troops either violating military law or being killed by our enemies.

I don’t know, maybe it is just me – what are your thoughts?