Egypt Marks 9/11 Anniversary with Series of Small Celebratory Fires

In Cairo today comes word that on the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America, jubilant Egyptians flocked to the U.S. Embassy to pay respects in a traditional ceremony.

Early Tuesday morning, several hundred Egyptians gathered around the U.S. Embassy in Cairo to participate in a traditional ceremony to honor the American’s lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The crowd scaled the embassy wall and removed the American flag, proceeded to dismantle the flag and then ignite them in what was referred to as, “a series of small celebratory fires,” by Whitehouse spokesperson, Jay Carney. Carney said, “We were pleased to see the enthusiasm and desire to honor the Americans who lost their lives during the attacks on 9/11.”

We asked one celebrator, Ahmed Al Hamazai, what 9/11 means to him and he offered this, “when I think of 9/11, I weep and say prayer to Allah – ALLAH AKHBAR, ALLAH AKHBAR!” Ahmed’s words truly captured the somber emotions of the day.

As always, we will keep you informed of any updates to this still breaking story.