Ebay “War Hero”

One of our users passed along this little treat for us today. Check out the image below.

Apparently someone is looking to profit on the new found appreciation that those in our nation have for our fighting men and legitimate soldiers. It is not clear if the seller is in fact a soldier, prior or current, or if their claims of service are true. What is clear is that this uniform is ate-up.

Note that the CIB is in the wrong place as well as the wearer having armor insignia despite the wear of the blue cord.

According to the seller’s description, “I lost my mind in IRAQ…and now im selling off all the memories good and bad…this is my uniform and it is ass it was when i got out in 2005.”

Very interesting – let’s follow this and see if someone shells out the ridiculous amount of cash for this.

If the seller happens to read this, we would love to hear your explanation for the uniform – you can forward that to our email at usinf11b@gmail.com

You can view the post here.