DoD Recalls All Turkey Dinners – Issues Golden Corral Voucher

Disappointment was felt across the Department of Defense today after an announcement that it will be recalling all deliveries of turkey to department-wide dining facilities amid discovery of an E. Coli outbreak.

An E. Coli outbreak was discovered at one of the processing plants of the Department of Defense’s turkey supplier, prompting the recall of all turkeys that were delivered to military dining facilities ahead of tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinners.

Thanksgiving will not be a total loss for soldiers stationed across the United States and overseas however – the DoD also announced plans to issue service members vouchers for a free turkey dinner at participating Golden Corral locations.

To receive the meal vouchers, service members need to report to their dinning facility tomorrow morning no later than 0530 and request one in person with a meal card present.

To all those serving and those that have served – the staff at U.S. Infantry would like to wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving.