DFAS Announces Military Pay to Transition to Hourly Rate

A source within DFAS announced today that a transition to an hourly rate for all members of the Department of Defense is being considered as part of a cost-savings measure in the fiscal year 2013 budget.

The proposed measure would mean that soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen would no longer receive a flat-salary but would instead receive an hourly rate based on grade and time in service.

Tim Gordon, a representative with DFAS, told our reporters, “effectively those that do more would receive more pay and those that do less would receive less.”

According to our research however, the definition of who does “less” may need to be adjusted.

A typical garrison weekly cycle may look like such:
Monday – Friday, 6:30 – 16:00 = 42.5 hours (minus 1-hour each day for lunch)

Any field time would be considered by the time spent actually doing work Рif you are in the field for 5-days and only spend 2 hours a day actually involved in activities then you would receive 10 hours of pay.

When asked about deployment pay, Mr. Gordon explained, “Much like the field time rate conversion – you would only receive paid time for the time that you are actually actively engaged in work. That is, if you are in a TOC for 8 hours, you receive 8 hours worth of pay. If you are on patrol for 4 hours, you receive 4 hours of pay.”

In addition, the proposal calls for all members of the armed forces to use time-clocks and time-cards in order to track their time. Mr. Gordon explained, “before soldiers would leave their base to go on patrol in Afghanistan they will be required to punch in their time-card and then promptly punch out when they return to their base once the patrol is over.”

We asked PV2 Johnson what his feelings were and received this frank response, “so basically, POGs will get more pay on deployment for sitting in the green zones than grunts on patrol?¬† And we have to punch-in like we are at McDonald’s or some shit? Ain’t that some shit?”

Indeed, that is some shit PV2 Johnson.

We will keep you up to date on this still developing news!