Department of Defense Unveils New FCS (Future Combat System)

The Global War on Terror has shown that the heavy fighting force of the 1990’s was inadequate for the challenges of today’s battlefield. The small-scale firefights in the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns have given way to the need for a smaller, more agile and lighter fighting force. Enter the Future Combat System.

Our reporters were given exclusive access to the latest weapon system still in the prototype phase within the Department of Defense. The project, dubbed the FCS XM-1337 is literally a combination of the agile maneuverability of the HMMWV with the superior firepower and survivability of the M1A2 Abrams MBT.

According to the Project Manager, “the system is built on the HMMWV up-armored chassis and features a scaled down version of the turret found on the M1 tank. This combination means reduced costs as the systems are completely compatible.”

This exciting development means that they took a moderately heavy wheeled vehicle and turned it into a massive monstrosity capable of eliminating hard targets at 2,000 meters all while achieving 11 miles per gallon.

Historically the military has been battling a way to combine the two systems and have slowly been increasing the firepower available to HMMWV crews since the Gulf War.

A source within the Department of Defense said, on the condition of anonymity, “at a time when we are seeking to eliminate waste and cut spending this project just seems to make a whole lot of sense. Who needs to win hearts and minds when you have this?”

Not everyone is sold on the validity of this project; Sgt. B. Cutler of the 10th Mountain Division offered his wisdom during an interview, “I think it is about the dumbest thing the Army has ever come up with – I mean, next to the ACUs of course.”

We will keep you up to date on this breaking story.