Department of Defense Reclassifies Operation New Dawn

An uproar was caused today when the Department of Defense announced that it was removing Operation New Dawn from what it considered operations conducted during hostilities.

The shocking move is seen as an opportunity for the Department of Defense to recoup some funds from soldiers that a source says were paid “erroneously”.

In addition to soldiers having to repay any combat pay benefits received while participating in Operation New Dawn, the DoD has directed that any combat awards, such as the CIB, CAB, CMB or CAR will be surrendered and unrewarded.

A source at the DoD stated that, “we see this as a move towards preserving the integrity of our soldiers – we want to make sure that pay and awards they are given are in fact earned, and this is a step in that direction.”

It is estimated that the DoD will see a return of some $400-million dollars in returned combat incentives.

The announcement was met with sharp criticism from service members, many claiming that this is, “total bullshit,” and, “absolutely ridiculous.”

One such soldier that we spoke to, PFC Alec Dunbar D 2/7 CAV 1CD, said, “I am pretty sure that it was combat when I was awarded my CIB – whoever came up with this idea must have their vision obscured by their own rectum.”

As per the directive, as of December 1, 2012, all soldiers awarded combat badges during Operation New Dawn will no longer be authorized to display them on their uniform and DFAS will begin deducting the overpayment of funds.

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