Care Packages for Vets

As promissed, today I have an announcement to make to you all.

In our last poll we asked you all for what you would like to see us do next, the majority of you voted for the Care Packages for Vets idea we came up with. First off, the idea behind this project is as follows; we often see drives for care packages for deployed soldiers – that is awesome and we support that 100% but there is little if any such support network for our veterans, especially vets from previous conflicts.

We are going to go about this in 2 phases.

Phase 1: Nominations
We need you our members to nominate someone you know that is in need of a little extra help that could bennefit from a care package. In your nomination tell us about the person’s situation (without divulging anything too private) and what type of things would help them, ie Wal*Mart gift cards, clothes, non-parishable food etc. Be sure to include the person’s veteran status, branch, if they are a combat vet etc. The staff at US-Infantry will go through and make a decision about which veterans we can help most. We want to select 3 veterans but will help more if the interest and support is there. All nominees’ personal identifying information will remain confidential and will only be known to the admins of this site and the people that nominated them.

Phase 2: Collections
During this phase we will be accepting donations for items. Using our standard PayPal system we will encourage our users to donate for the care packages and then purchase the items and ship them once complete to our nominees.

The only rules going forward are as follows:

  2. Don’t nominate yourself – unless you are really in a bad way and legitimately need the help

With that – lets get the nominations started.
Send nominations to: